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Are you looking for a mind-bending entertainment journey? Experience hypnosis like never before, giving you and your audience a captivating experience that brings together the worlds of neuroscience and hypnosis in a one of a kind show! 

Entertaining Show

Inner Journey

Mind-Bending Performance

Hi, my name is Donald G.

You may also know me as The Reset Donald, a hypnotist and a neurohacking coach. If you are ready for personal and professional growth, you’re in the right place! 

My mission is to show you the limitless potential that lies within you and give you and your Audience a memorable and enjoyable hypnosis show!

What My Clients Say

Watch our previous organisers recount their experience working with Donald and his hypnosis shows! Listen firsthand about the audience’s reaction to Donald’s entertainment!

What You Achieve:

Shared memories and moments you and your audience

Experience powerful state shifts that increase your energy

Achieve improved focus and mindfulness

Build undeniable team spirit through hypnosis experience

Experience increased motivation and positive habit formation

Enjoy an unforgettable, captivating hypnosis show

Venture Inside: Learn About Hypnosis and Neurohacking

Frequently Asked Questions

How does stage hypnosis show work?

Hypnosis helps focus attention inward. It’s a calming state that makes you more open to suggestions. In stage hypnosis, we use this to show how powerful suggestions can be, even if they’re abstract.

Is stage hypnosis show embarrasing for the audience?

Absolutely NOT! While a stage hypnosis show is full of humor and entertainment, I ensure at every stage that everything happens within appropriate boundaries. We laugh and have fun together, but not at someone’s expense. No one will be ridiculed, and all suggestions accepted by participants align with their internal values and beliefs.

Is stage hypnosis show 100% safe?

Definitely YES. I take care of all safety aspects before, during, and after the show. Hypnosis is a very natural and pleasant state, so there’s no chance that a properly conducted show could harm anyone. The safety and comfort of my audience is a priority

Can the audience reveal any sensitive information?

If they don’t want to reveal something, they won’t.
Hypnosis doesn’t influence that! I don’t take control over anyone, and participants don’t lose their sense of reason. During the performance, everyone has access to rational thinking, and there’s no way someone would reveal any secret against their will, whether it relates to their personal or professional life!

Do all members of the audience participate in the show?

Some people may choose to only watch the show, so on stage I invite only volunteers who are open and curious about the experience. The purpose of the entire performance is entertainment, and I completely understand that some people may feel less comfortable on stage than others. During the show I will selecting the audience and I will be accompanied only by the people who are fine with being on stage.
In this way, part of the audience experiences the show from a viewer’s perspective – watching amazing things happen – while others get the perspective of being the star of the evening – experiencing amazing things themselves

For what types of events can I book a hypnosis show?

You can book a hypnosis show for corporate events, cruise ship shows, university events, festivals, conferences, resort vacation shows or even private VIP events

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Have questions about the show or want to learn more? Feel free to contact for any inquiries, and we’ll be glad to assist you on your journey of exploration.